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MA Observation Week
MA Observation Week

As a parent what can be more important than the education of our children? It can be very frustrating at times to not be able to see or fully understand what is happening in the classroom. It is important for parents to observe a Montessori classroom so they can see first-hand the environment, how the children function independently, and how the teachers interact with and guide the students.

Your child is proving himself every single day. Children ages 0 to 6 years old are like sponges, constantly soaking up information, and when they've stored enough, it all comes out. The most effective way for a child to learn is via observation-a child will quietly watch and observe, so it's important that we adults take care. When a child is observing their surroundings, we should quietly observe the child.

We greatly appreciate the time that parents have taken to observe, answer questions, and provide comments and suggestions on our classrooms. In the spirit of learning, we are always looking to enhance the quality of our education.

We are currently compiling all of the observation feedback. We will summarize and share this feedback with our parents shortly. We thank you for participating in this important and special annual process of parent observations.

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