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2019 STAR OF OUTLOOK English Talent Competition
2019 STAR OF OUTLOOK English Talent Competition
Congratulations to Phyllis and Logan from Kangaroo Class of Hongwen Montessori Academy Xiamen Campus! Both of them won the first place in the 2019 STAR OF OUTLOOK English Talent Competition ( Fujian Final ).  
In 11th of June, they attended the final competition in Beijing. Logan won the Grand Prize and Phyllis won the Second Prize.

After nearly half a year, the competition finally draws to a close. Results are no longer the priority and focus now; the most important thing the children have reaped from this experience is intangible – like friendship, parental companionship and the opportunity to further develop various skills and inner qualities. The three children encouraged each other in the competition, worked together, made progress together, and forged a deep friendship.

Through an immersive English environment, the children learnt to develop their communication and social skills in a mixed-age setting, as well as their sense of concentration, independence and confidence under the kindergarten’s Montessori values. The competition’s ranking only demonstrates how much hard work and effort each child has invested and is also an affirmation towards our “shared education between home and school” belief. Together with the encouragement of their parents at home, the good habits and broader world-view that the children learn and develop now will go on to accompany them for life.

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