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April 22, 2020 is the 51st Earth Day. This blue planet was born in the vast universe of 4.6 billion years ago. It has seas, forests, plants, animals ... is the homeland on which humans depend. The teachers of HWMA Xiamen Campus launched the photography collection activity of "Discovering of Beautiful Earth".…..
Christmas is a fantastic time! Our festivitieskicked off with Christmas activities. The Christmas celebration in HongwenMontessori Academy was filled with warmth and happiness ! All the kids were sohappy to share this feeling with each other. Our Christmas can’t be complete withoutChristmas activities. The children d…..
Congratulations to Phyllis and Logan from Kangaroo Class of Hongwen Montessori Academy Xiamen Campus! Both of them won the first place in the 2019 STAR OF OUTLOOK English Talent Competition ( Fujian Final ). In 11th of June, they attended the final competition in Beijing. Logan won the Grand Prize and Phyllis won the S…..
On June 1st, a string of Children’s Day activities were held in Montessori Academy Xiamen Campus. Children had a lot of fun!..
Mothers Day!It is a good opportunity for children to express their love to their mothers. Nothing can be more impressive than a small handmade gift made by the children. No matter it is a small hand-painted card, a craft, a sandwich or a warmly song, it is enough to cheer up our dear mothers. MA children were happy to …..
In the Montessori education, Culture studies play an important role in helping children to embrace and respect diversity, leading to shaping a global citizen of the world. At Montessori Academy, we celebrated many common holidays and the most recent was Easter. We held a series of in-class activities for our children to…..
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