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Happy Women's Day!
Happy Women's Day!

International Working Women's Day, also known as the "United NationsWomen's rights and interests and International Day of peace " or"March 8" Women's Day, which sets up to celebrate Women madeimportant contributions and great achievements in the economic, political andsocial fields.

Here at Montessori Academy, our children also celebrated this meaningfulfestival with their teachers. So, what did they do?Let us take a look.

Koala Class

Under the guidance of teachers, the children ofKoala Class completed a paper bouquet in the form of a clip painting.

Collage carefully

Look! I finished!

Kangaroo Class

The children of Kangaroo prepared bouquet tosurprise their mothers by making flower.

Montessori Academy wishes all women here and around the world a very heartfelt Happy Women’s Day.

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