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Company is the true confession of happiness!
Company is the true confession of happiness!

What is shape of father?

People always say that father’s love is so quiet but grand that it seems like a mountain. They always bury their love to children deeply in the bottom of their hearts and never show it. Father rarely says I love you to their children or does something to show it. Mother often tells us to eat more and put on more clothes, but father doesn't. Father rarely asks your life in school or your relationship with your friends. When you are in trouble and ask suggestions from him, he would not tell you what you should do but help you to find solutions instead. However, father still plays the most important role in your life. He is always the supporter of your life. Whenever you need, he is always by your side. This is the way he shows his love.

In order to celebrate this day, Montesorri Academy Chongqing Campus  prepared special activities to celebrate father's day!
The kids from Koala expressed deep love for dads through a song named Dad is best.

Reading with parents

The happiest thing is to play games with mom and dad! Look!The kids and parents did a good cooperation. Our children can quickly catch the object and then put in the basket really fast!

Finally, there are surprises for dads! The children gave their gifts for dads, which are elaborately crafted photo frame with photos of kids and dads.

The parents of Kangaroo joined our parent workshop meeting. We sat together to communicate and share the development of children  through montessori works so that the parents could understand better and follow up their children's learning in school.

The gifts from Kangaroo Class

Happy Father's Day!

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