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What is shape of father? People always say that father’s love is so quiet but grand that it seems like a mountain. They always bury their love to children deeply in the bottom of their hearts and never show it. Father rarely says I love you to their children or does something to show it. Mother often tells us to eat m…..
In order to celebrate Mothers Day, Montessori Academy Chongqing Campus invited our training manager of the Montessori Academy Training and Education Center-Jeanette, to have a "Montessori approach to literacy learning" themed workshop with the parents. Jeanette P. Arevalo has been an Educator for more than 25…..
In the vast universe, there is a blue planet which supports life, that is the beautiful earth. The mother earth feeds us and provides us with the natural environment and space. Earth is our home. Earth Day is a worldwide environmental movement on April 22nd every year. On this day people from different countries promot…..
International Working Womens Day, also known as the "United NationsWomens rights and interests and International Day of peace " or"March 8" Womens Day, which sets up to celebrate Women madeimportant contributions and great achievements in the economic, political andsocial fields. Here at Montessori…..
Halloween is a traditional western festival, and its also one of childrens favorite festivals. On this day, they can dress up as the character that they like and go for "trick or treat." Montessori Academy celebrated with out students this year. Lets see how we spent this happy day. The children walked on t…..
Dear Parents, After the horrible incident happened on Friday (October 26th) in Banan District, Montessori Academy had started the campus security self-assessment as soon as the incident occurred, and had already begun the emergent security operation. Our HSE manager in the head office also scheduled series of plans of …..
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