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The First Week of Xiushan Campus
The First Week of Xiushan Campus

During the first week here at Xiushan Campus, we ushered in new children and parents. The children are happy, curious, and eager to learn. Now is a good time to reflect upon the performance of the children in the first week of school.

Children crying during the first few days or weeks is completely normal, and the teachers will comfort and embrace the child, to give love and encouragement. We also encourage parents to trust us to allow for an easier separation between you and your child.

It can also be very difficult for parents to leave their child behind for the whole school day, often being longer than any time spent apart previously. However, anxiety will be more present with the child if they see this, so we urge parents to cooperate with the school and leave swiftly after saying goodbye.

Going to kindergarten for the first time can be daunting for many children, and there may be some tears, however this process is character building and allows the child to feel a sense of independence. Parent can rest assured that the teachers will accompany their children's growth with the greatest patience, love and enthusiasm.

After school, we encourage parents to discuss the working day with their child, talking about any activities they took part in, what they ate for lunch, who they worked with etc. These conversations will help reinforce their memories and help them settle into school life easier.

In some cases, children may also show no willingness to go to school, due to shyness or the fear of separation from parents. For this however, we must persist for the good of the child and the classroom environment. We hope that with our joint efforts, we can help children to overcome and beat their anxious periods as soon as possible.Thank you!

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