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Easter falls on the first Sunday after the Spring equinox. It is a time of rebirth, full of hope and liveliness.Egg hunting, bunny dance, nobody wants to miss all the Easter fun. Children from campuses celebrated Easter by different ways...
As the traditional festival of the Chinese nation, the Spring Festival has a long history of folk custom. The children from campuses nationwide under the guidance of their teachers, experienced a rich variety of Spring Festival custom...
To celebrate the International Childrens Day and the Dragon Boat Festival, we organized families from our kindergartens as well as our staff families to have a special experience in our own farmland in Chongming Island during the holiday. We prepared tasty food, fantastic outdoor activities and nature exploration. Paren…..
This is the day that we appreciate all the things that moms do for us. Thank you. Kids of our school want to say:..
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